Saturday, January 18, 2020

Chinese investors in series-A deal

Two China-based investors have led a series-A investment round into a Kenya-based technology company focused on the logistics space. The...

Edge Growth in fintech deal

Edge Growth has signed a deal to invest approximately $1.7 million (R25 million) into ProfitShare Partners, a South Africa-based financial services technology company.

US investor in series-A deal

US-based investor True Ventures has led a $13 million series-A investment round into Wefarm, an Africa-focused agricultural technology company. The financial...

Goldman Sachs leads Africa tech deal

Goldman Sachs has led a $23.75 million series-B investment into Twiga Foods, a Kenya-based technology-focused food distributor. Goldman Sachs is...

Chandaria seeds tech deal

Chandaria Capital has backed a seed investment round into Safi Analytics, a Kenya-based technology company focused on the business services space.

Sawari in series-A deal

Egypt-based investor Sawari Ventures has led a $4.5 million series-A investment round in Al Mentor, an education technology company focused on the Middle East...

Hlayisani et al in tech deal

Hlayisani Capital has partnered with Knife Capital to invest $2 million into Snapplify, a South Africa-based education technology company, part-owned by AngelHub Ventures.

Vunani backs Kalon portfolio

South Africa-based investor Vunani Capital has backed SnapnSave, a South Africa-based consumer-focused technology, part-owned by Kalon Venture Partners. Vunani Capital is...

GreenTec in 4th Nigeria deal

Germany-based investor GreenTec Capital Partners has backed Save N Flex, a Nigeria-based consumer-focused technology company, sealing its fourth deal in the country.

Kalon portfolio in equity raise

Kalon Venture Partners’ South Africa based energy focused technology portfolio company Sun Exchange is looking to raise approximately $0.46 million (R7 million) for an...