Friday, January 17, 2020

US investor delivers 5th Africa deal

A US-based early-stage investor has backed a Kenya-based technology company focused on the agriculture space – sealing its fifth deal in Africa.

French family office in Cameroon deal

A France-based family office has backed an approximately $2.8 million (€2.5 million) series-A investment round in a Cameroon-based renewable energy provider.

TPG, AfricInvest et al in $25m series-B deal

TPG Growth and AfricInvest have backed a $25 million series-B investment round into Migo, formerly, an emerging markets-focused financial services technology company.

Specialist investors in pharmatech deal

Two specialist investors have backed a $1 million series-A investment round into Yodawy, an Egypt-based technology company focused on the healthcare space. The company...

Chinese investors in series-A deal

Two China-based investors have led a series-A investment round into a Kenya-based technology company focused on the logistics space. The...

Investors join Shell & Sumitomo deal

A consortium of investors has partnered with Shell Ventures and Sumitomo Corporation, a Japan-based business services company, to back a series-B investment into a...

Goldman Sachs leads Africa tech deal

Goldman Sachs has led a $23.75 million series-B investment into Twiga Foods, a Kenya-based technology-focused food distributor. Goldman Sachs is...

Sawari in series-A deal

Egypt-based investor Sawari Ventures has led a $4.5 million series-A investment round in Al Mentor, an education technology company focused on the Middle East...

Sanari in edu deal

Sanari Capital has signed a deal to inject approximately $1.9 million (R28 million) into Edulife Group, a South Africa-based education provider.

German investor in Namibia deal

Germany-based investor GreenTec Capital Partners has backed Nomad Group, a Namibia-based consumer hospitality company. The financial details of the transaction...