Saturday, October 23, 2021

Early-stage player in 5th fund deal

An early-stage investor has backed a pre-Series A investment round in an Egypt-based financial services technology company. Global Ventures has...

Tiger & Salesforce et al. in $170m deal

Tiger Global Management and Salesforce Ventures have backed a $170 million funding round in an Africa-focused financial services technology company, investing alongside a consortium...

Early-stage investor in follow-on deal

An early-stage investor based in Ethiopia has sealed a follow-on deal, backing its technology portfolio company focused on the logistics’ space.

US investor in tech deal with Visa

A US-based investor has led a series-B investment into an Africa-focused financial services technology company. The investor is backing the deal alongside a number...

Kalon backs Sendmarc

Kalon Venture Partners, formerly GroTech has invested in Sendmarc, a South Africa-based technology company. The financial details of the transaction...

Five Elms in early-stage deal

US-based investor Five Elms Capital has sealed an early-stage deal, backing a series-A investment in Skynamo, a South Africa-based technology company.

Singapore investor in series-A deal

A Singapore-based investor has backed a $20 million series-A investment round into a Nigeria-based energy development company focused on the renewable energy space.

HAVAÍC in follow-on deal

South Africa-based early-stage investor HAVAÍC has sealed a follow-on investment into its Kenya-based financial technology portfolio company. HAVAÍC is backing a...

Venture dealer delivers 1st Ghana deal

Nigeria-based early-stage investor Microtraction has backed Bit Sika, a Ghana-based financial services technology company – sealing its first deal in the country.

Chinese investors in series-A deal

Two China-based investors have led a series-A investment round into a Kenya-based technology company focused on the logistics space. The...