UAE investor in follow-on deal

A United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based investor has sealed a follow-on deal, backing an early-stage investment in its Nigeria-based healthcare technology portfolio company.

French investor in Ethiopia deal

France-based early-stage investor Partech Ventures has co-led a seed investment round in Gebeya, an Ethiopia-based technology company focused on the education space.

Venture dealer delivers 1st Ghana deal

Nigeria-based early-stage investor Microtraction has backed Bit Sika, a Ghana-based financial services technology company – sealing its first deal in the country.

Silvertree in online restaurant deal

Silvertree Holdings has invested an undisclosed amount in Darth Kitchens, a South Africa-based technology company operating an online-only restaurant. The financial...

Goodwell in follow-on deal

Goodwell Investments has signed a follow-on deal, leading a $1.3 million investment round to back its South Africa-based financial services technology portfolio company.

Chinese investor lands Africa deal

China-based MSA Capital has backed a $1.3 million seed investment round in Homzmart, an Egypt-based consumer technology company. MSA...

French family office in Cameroon deal

A France-based family office has backed an approximately $2.8 million (€2.5 million) series-A investment round in a Cameroon-based renewable energy provider.

IDF in follow-on deal

IDF Capital has sealed a follow-on deal backing its South Africa-based technology portfolio company focused on the logistics space. The...

Orange seals 5th Africa deal

France-based investor Orange Digital Ventures (ODV) has backed a $1.5 million investment round in Youverify, a Nigeria-based business services technology company, sealing its fifth...

US investor seeds tech deal

A US-based early-stage investor has backed a seed investment round to back an Egypt-based technology company focused on the healthcare space.