Monday, January 24, 2022

AXA in Kenya follow-on deal

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) has sealed a follow-on deal, backing an investment into its Kenya-based based agriculture production company. The...

Alitheia in series-A agri deal

Alitheia Identity Managers has backed a series-A investment round into a Nigeria-based agriculture production company. The investor has backed a...

Specialist investor in cannabis deal

A South Africa-based specialist investor has signed a deal to back an agriculture production company that processes cannabis – sealing its first deal, historically.

US investor joins Aster deal

A US-based investor has backed a $14 million series-A investment round into a Kenya-based renewable energy provider focused on the agriculture space – which...

Small-cap GP delivers 1st fund II deal

A South Africa-based small-cap GP has backed an agriculture production company – sealing the first deal from its sophomore vehicle.

Small-cap GP lands 1st Mozambique deal

A Netherlands-based small-cap investor has landed its first Mozambique deal, backing an agriculture production company. Goodwell Investments has injected $1.5...

Family office in aquafarm deal

A Netherlands-based single family office investor has backed a Kenya-based agriculture production company operating in the aquaculture space. DOB Equity has...

ShEquity delivers 3rd deal

ShEquity has sealed its third deal, backing an agriculture inputs producer based in Kenya – which is also backed by GreenTec Capital Partners.

Small-cap investor seals 1st Zambia deal

A small-cap investor has landed its first Zambia deal, leading a $2.1 million series-A investment round into an agriculture production company.

Country focused investor seals 5 deals

A country focused investor has backed five new companies based in Burkina Faso from its small-cap vehicle. Sinergi Burkina, a...